Overbrook Consultants
Medical Fraud Analysts

About Overbrook

Overbrook Medical Legal Consultants is under the direct guidance of its founder, Angela Cellucci Evans.  Ms. Evans is a board certified family nurse practitioner (FNP-BC) as well as a certified legal nurse consultant (CLNC®).  Our team consists of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, legal nurse consultants, pain management specialists, chiropractic advisers, and medical advisers.  

Overbrook was named to pay homage to the neighborhood in West Philadelphia where Ms. Evans grew up.  Indeed, the same neighborhood as the Fresh Prince - Will Smith.  During her formative years, Overbrook instilled the values of honesty, integrity, determination, and service.  It was there she learned that, as a community, it is everyone's responsibility to stand up for and protect our fellow neighbors.  These are the qualities and lessons learned that she brings to the table and that this company was founded on.  

We believe that at Overbrook Consultants we are doing our part standing up for and protecting our fellow neighbors by investigating the "ethically challenged" who attempt to steal from others, through the healthcare system, on a daily basis.